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AGA Removals LTD is a reputable business in Brentford with more than two years of experience. We offer outstanding customer service, which is crucial when groupage services are provided. No matter where in the world you want to ship, our experience ensures a successful shipment. AGA guarantees a stress-free international shipment. The business of AGA Removals LTD offers excellent standards at the most affordable price. We follow the guidelines established by the leading accreditation bodies in this industry. We can negotiate good terms at the best prices. ADA Removals LTD offers a flexible, cost-effective and practical option for sending freight to and from the UK. Our tailor services meet clients’ specific requirements. Prices are dependent on the destination, size and weight of the consignment.


What is groupage service?

Groupage is the process by which we meticulously gather all of the cargo from our customers and load it onto trailers to prepare them for transport. In other words, even if you only have a tiny load, you only pay for your load and not for unused trailer space. AGA Removals LTD offer you extremely affordable “Groupage” quotes for shipping across the Brentford or internationally. We are experts in pallet and freight consolidation and group our freight from a variety of clients. To maximize profitability and keep expenses low, all transportation companies strive to fill their vehicles on both the outbound and incoming routes. The idea is that groupage services enable us to construct loads that maximize the utilization of our two business pillars—our sizable inventory of arctic trucks and the pallet network. Freight shipping is more affordable when done through groupage shipping. 

Our Services

Our groupage services involve combining various items, typically pallets and packages, onto one or more pallets to produce a single, more affordable shipment. We continue to be in charge of all aspects of transportation, such as tracking and electronic delivery proof. So if you have any questions or want a detailed quote on our groupage services. Contact us right away.

Benefits of Groupage

Groupage is when we combine a range of goods into one efficient shipment. It’s the perfect way to transport goods without that premium price tag. Freight consolidation lowers total shipping costs. If you have daily dispatches or one-off pallet deliveries, our groupage service could work for you. 

Why choose AGA Removals LTD for Packing Material?

AGA Removals LTD is an effective, trustworthy, and reliable company in Brentford with years of experience proving groupage services. We understand that everybody has different needs, which can be very different, whether it’s the size of your property, your budget, or your cultural requirement.

There are various reasons for choosing us, which are as follows:

Thus, AGA Removals LTD employees go above and beyond to ensure you feel comfortable having us in your house and working with your family. We’ll ensure you get the highest caliber service. Contact us now.

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